Social Media

Facebook Interested in connecting with your neighbours and keep up-to-date on neighbourhood activities? Consider joining the Beechwood West 2 Facebook group. Please note that only administrator-approved members of the group will be able to post to this group and see posts made to this group.
  1. Go to your profile page
  2. Click on Groups (left hand sidebar)
  3. Search for Beechwood West 2
  4. Click on Join Group
  5. Once the group's administrators (Terezinha Hignett or Sandra Avery) approve your request for membership you will be able to make and see posts. This may take a day or two.
In respect of our members’ privacy, please don’t tag any photos and please don’t post photos of others without their express permission.
The neighbourhood twitter’s account is @BW2pool. The lifeguards will be tweeting about pool activities, pool closure and other notices.