Last Updated on July 23rd 2021, 3:30pm

Please read the following information and rules carefully as the rules has recently changed with Waterloo Region entering Step 3 of reopening.

Dear neighbours,

As the province is moving into step one of the Roadmap to Reopen on Friday June 11th, the Board is planning to open the pool on Friday June 11th as well.  The pool will be fully guarded and you will be required to register for a 50 minute swim session using the online signup tool just like last summer.  The pool will be open weekends 4pm – 9pm on Friday and 12pm – 9pm on Saturday and Sunday through the until June 28th and starting on June 28th the pool will be 12pm – 9pm everyday (closing time will be at 8pm starting August 2nd). Please note that only BW2 residents can access the pool and you must register for your swimtime using the online signup tool here

Families can register for only FOUR time slot per person per day. Members can also register for any unused spots up to one hour beforehand, even if you have already used up your time slot earlier. Please remember that you must still leave the pool enclosure, even if you have back-to-back slots so that lifeguards can clean according to protocol.

Please remember to sign up for your slot ahead of time and only bring the number of people registered in your group. This is very important for contact tracing and to ensure we are within our legal operating capacity. If at any point we are over capacity, lifeguards have been instructed to to ask for volunteers to leave. If no one volunteers to leave, the pool will need to be closed. At this time, we are limiting pool usage to members only. Guests are still not permitted.

Given the COVID-19 situation, the board will continue to monitor any changes to restrictions applicable to our pool. We will investigate available information and study other options going forward and to devise a coherent set of operating principles for the pool, subject to existing rules and regulations. We appreciate any help we can get!

*New* A new official health protocol has been introduced, requiring neighbours to wear a mask as they enter and exit the pool facilities.  Once they have settled 2 metres apart from one another on the deck, they can take their masks off.

Before coming to the pool

Please ask yourself the following questions. If you answer “yes” to any of them, please stay home:

  1. Do you have symptoms of COVID-19?
  2. Have you been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19?
  3. Have you travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days?
  4. Have you been in direct contact with anyone who has travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days?
If you end up having symptoms and/or are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have visited the pool recently, notify the relevant health authorities about any pool visits! We will support contact tracing, should that become necessary. Please see information about registration and sign-in below.
Provincial and regional regulations are changing quickly. We will update this webpage as we receive new information. Please review this webpage before each visit to inquire whether any rules have changed.

Pool Access

You must register for your swimtime using the online signup tool here. Please note that the pool is only open for access by BW2 residents with strict exceptions (see below for more details).

  • Up to 32 people (+ 2 lifeguards) are allowed inside the pool enclosure, including the pool deck and pool. 
  • Please register for a 50-minute time slot one day in advance. More than one household can use the pool at the same time, please ensure applicable physical distancing rules are followed.
  • Every household member is requested to pre-register for at most four (4) time slot per day. If slots are still available 10 minutes before a slot begins, members are welcome to register. Please leave the comment ‘last-minute’ when registering. This will allow you to keep your pre-registered slot too.
  • *New* Each household is now permitted to bring up to 2 guests to the pool per day. The first and last name(s) of the guest(s) MUST be recorded in the new “Guest(s) Name” box when signing-up for spots
  • Contact information for these non-members (children, grandchildren, and babysitters/guardians of members) must be provided in the comment section of the online SignUp application form – this is to comply with Province of Ontario contract tracing requirements in the event that we have a COVID positive person at the pool.

At The Pool Facility

  • Bathers under eight (8) years of age at the end of 2020 are not allowed within the pool enclosure (including the pool deck and pool), unless accompanied by a parent or his or her guardian.
  • The total number of bathers on the deck and in the pool shall not exceed 32.
  • Lifeguard “areas” or “boxes” will be marked off and are off limits to patrons.  Lifeguards will remain socially distanced and are encouraged to wear masks (weather permitting).
  • Practice physical distancing (keep 2 meters between you/your household unit and others) at all times while anywhere in our facility, including while in the water. Patrons not respecting the social distance rules will be sent home for the day.
  • Bathers are required to wear a mask as they enter and exit the pool facilities. Once they have settled 2 metres apart from one another on the deck, they can take their masks off.

In The Pool

  • Pool toys and swimming aids will not be available. Please bring your own PFDs, goggles, noodles, etc. and ensure nothing is left at the pool when you leave. No snorkels will be permitted. Do not share equipment outside your household unit.
  • Please pay extra attention to not spit or water-spout in any way! If a noodle is brought to the pool, do not blow water through it. Please watch the children in your care are following the rules.
  • Should any situation where patrons are not following the rules and will not abide by lifeguards instructions, lifeguards have been instructed to empty the pool and close it for the remainder of the day until the board can investigate the incident.

On The Deck, Washroom & Showers

  • Pool and pool deck will be cleared once an hour at 50 mins past the hour for 10 minutes for cleaning and disinfecting and to ensure there is no overlap between members of the next hours session.
  • Only 1 change room will be open – to be used as emergency (unisex) washroom only! Lifeguards will clean this emergency washroom each hour during cleaning time.
  • You are asked to not use the shower, please shower at home before swimming.
  • Members encouraged to bring their own chairs.  A limited number of plastic chairs will be available on a “clean” stack and a “dirty” stack.  Used chairs to be sanitized every hour by the lifeguards on duty.  Chair box markers may be put down if needed.
  • The water fountain is off limits.
  • The pool office is for lifeguards only (one guard at a time), and must is off limits to patrons.
  • Please use the available sanitization stations as appropriate.

COVID-19 Rescue Technique

Current guidelines for healthcare workers are that no mouth-to-mouth or breathing assistance is to be given to a victim/patient in the field.  Because of the potential for droplets to scatter in the air. Manual airway clearance and CPR compressions only are the current recommendations.

The following outline the technique should a pool rescue be needed.

  1. The “on-duty” guard will whistle or call out the rescue to alert the “off-duty” guard.
  2. The “on-duty” guard will enter the water to start the rescue.
  3. The “off-duty” guard will ask a bystander to call 911 if a bystander is available.
  4. The “off-duty” guard will “gear-up” with their own designated full respiratory mask and face shield and gloves.
  5. The “off-duty” guard will “pole assist” the “on-duty” guard in the water if necessary.
  6. When the “on-duty” guard has retrieved the victim to the shallow end, both guards will assist in removing the victim to the pool deck.
  7. The “off-duty” guard will then take over and perform the lung clearance, digitally check for airway obstructions, and begin CPR compressions if necessary.
  8. The “on-duty” guard will call 911 if a bystander has not already done so.
  9. The “on-duty” guard will then “gear-up” with their own designated full respiratory mask and face shield and gloves and assist in the resuscitation.
  10. Continue compressions until emergency services arrive.